You are EU customer
No custom clearance is required. All our EU customer will be provided with valid EU invoice.

If your glider is registered to:
- the company and you can provide us with a valid EU VAT number - final invoice will be in the net Value
- the private person or entity without EU VAT number - final invoice will be in the gross Value with 23% VAT

You are Non EU customer
We can arrange this process for you but we need to be informed before your final order. In such a case we will appoint an appropriate and very experienced custom agent dedicated to you. 


  • Please note that customs clearance must be arranged to avoid additional VAT surcharge.
  • Without customs clearance you are obliged to pay Polish 23% VAT.
  • Please remember to ask your agent for export papers before crossing EU border.
  • For any service without proper clearance we will issue gross invoice  with local 23% VAT on the top.
  • Any paid custom deposite will be recalculated from EUR to PLN. Please be aware of potential exchange rate difference.
  • Upon deposite payment to Polish custom office please deliver the confirmation of the Deposite transfer.
  • Custom Deposit is returnable to the customer after the glider leaves EU.
  • When you personally take the glider out of EU (e.g. back to Norway) Polish transit document needs to be presented to the Swedish (in this case) custom office and shall be "closed" there. Copy of the stamped closing confirmation shall be delivered back to ReFinish to speed up the deposit return. WARNING!  Document delivery delay may cause custom fine for slowing down the customs' procedure.

Offcial documents required to import the glider into Poland outside of EU:

  • Glider and trailer proforma invoice - to provide value of commodity
  • Export documents from you country
  • Glider and Trailer insurance
  • Order Work Form

You will need to pay the 23% VAT commodity deposit in the start of the process. It is returnable after clearing the goods back to your country of origin with correct papers. You will need to pay your local VAT upon the process is finished.

Custom Office returnable deposite account:
ACCOUNT:     PL67 1090 1809 0000 0000 7900 7153

If you have any doubts please feel free to contact us.