Glider repair

Major and minor repairs can be carried out and will be quoted for individually. In some cases necessary repairs are discovered following removal of the gel. In this case a quote is given and the work undertaken following agreement by the customer.

Glass and carbon fibre repairs

If the gel coat is extensively cracked then the cracks may have propagated into the top layer of fine cloth. To prevent the cracks propagating back through the gel in these areas it may be necessary to carefully peel off this cloth layer and replace it.

Major repair process description

List of potential minor repairs related to wear

  • Control surfaces play removal
  • Small damages and cracks
  • Water tank repair or replacement
  • Airbrake play removal
  • Wing and cockpit hinges play removal
  • Tailplane bracket replacement
  • Canopy hinges repairs
  • Suspension check
  • Wheel break repair
  • Wing pins replacement 


  • Lift panel modification
  • Winglet installation
  • Canopy replacement
  • Additional tow hook
  • Handicap modification
  • Rudder lines replacement


  • Modifications
  • Instruments Installation
  • Purchase Inspection
  • Canopy renovation and polishing


  • Annual inspections
  • Life Service Extensions (1k h,3k h,6k h checks and other inspections)
  • Evaluation inspections ( after hard or water landing)

Canopy replacement

Many customers have had replacement canopies fitted. These are quoted individually and the customer is normally expected to supply the canopy to be fitted.


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